Sun Finance


All in all, the SUN project has ultimately been one of the best experiences us at SUN team have ever experienced. From launch to where we are now, every second has been a dream come true and it’s all thanks to the supporters of SUN and the people who truly believe in the project. We want you to know that we haven’t forgotten about SUN, in-fact we have been piecing together and elaborate few options that we will give to the community to draw verdict upon.

Where have we been?

Yes, we can vividly see that the project has been ghosted Upon for a short time span, but we have a good reason for this, throughout the time we have spent away from SUN we have been hatching ideas and processes about the next step and how to go about it in the safest and most sensible way possible. Furthermore in all honesty, we want our community to have the biggest decision for SUN, on THEIR shoulders as we are working to give everyone an opportunity to make good money and be part of an amazing community. I digress, the situation is as follows; the scheme we created and targets we hoped to achieve for the launchpad through minting has fallen shorter than expectations.

SUNs Solutions

The main reason we have laid low for a while on SUN, we decided to keep a low profile to avoid a chaotic panic of dumps damaging the chart. If we had included the information about our targets being missed the project would have collapsed, this leads us to explain the next segment about possible options.

Path 1

This option essentially includes a process in which us at the SUN team take out the liquidity from the project and then take a long hard look at the funds people have share individually including the ones who minted the NFTs, therefore allocating them a % of the liquidity pool that they deserve from what they had invested. This is option ONE like I said previously, picture this as an option in which you want nothing else to do with SUN. Which isn’t what we want!

Path 2

We stick to the plan, stay on track and proceed with producing our SUNNY token range as shown in our original road map, this will be funded using the liquidity pool for SUN. We will also give SUNNY token a raise for its presale in terms of a robust strategy to initiate the launch of SUNNY while trying to increase the funds included tenfold and give it a higher liquidity and also get to ultimately achieve our one and only goal of creating our launch pad for SUN in general. In the SUN team we’re all biting our fingernails in suspense, we want nothing more than to continue on with trying to achieve the funds for the launchpad as the amount of effort and work to get this far has been immense and a massive opportunity for us to grow and become better at what we love which is delivering to loyal investors.

Overall we want to reiterate that any minted nfts, the funds you invested are safe, whether Path 1 or 2 occurs both ways the Liquidity pool will be scouted and distributed evenly amongst the invested individuals in order to create a real fairness of outcome.

Sun Finance aims to provide a comprehensive roster of De-Fi services supporting up-and-coming projects & solutions that make a mark in the cryptocurrency space.