SUN in on Elite Levels!

We are glad to partner with to provide fantastic yields for our liquidity pool providers!

Interested investors may stake their $SUN-$FTM LP pair to receive $SUN tokens. Did you know that someone farmed early and made nice gains!

You can still be part of this farm, visit: for more details

Pledges: $SUN — $FTM LP

Rewards: SUN

Uses: Spirit_Swap A.M.M.

Eliteness: 0.001337 $ELITE

Timelock: 7 Days on Deposits

Please do take note that farming via requires you to hold at least 0.001337 ELITE tokens (which can be purchased in SpookySwap). Failure to secure enough ELITE tokens prior to staking will result in high-gas fees error.

What happened to our Single-Side Staking Pool?

Maybe you are wondering if you can single-stake $SUN tokens to earn additional $SUN tokens. While the staking pool is still available in, we highly discourage anyone from staking further in the said farm due to lower APY yields that may result in unprofitable staking.

Some investors were already affected with this issue. Upon learning this, the SUN core team provided a compensation plan for the affected investors:

A form was given out and everyone who single staked much later and seems to be losing instead of gaining or is not gaining anything at all, they can fill the form.

If the person agrees to stake for another two weeks and fills the form, we’ll airdrop you with half of what you were charged. This will definitely help you cover up the loss and instead also gain something from the farms.

The airdrops will be done once the staking period has been achieved.

REMINDER: Please do not single-stake $SUN in Farm 1010. Staking further in the said farm due to lower APY yields that will result in unprofitable staking activity.

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A multi-faceted growth hacker for indie projects, provides numerous tools, services and niche utility-applications to users and bespoke product customization, liquidity enhancement and data analytics products to De-Fi innovators. The Guru Network has something to offer for everyone.

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